historical instruments

Mass on spring (incomplete)

Purpose: Investigate the dependence of the period of the system on the mass, spring constant and the amplitude. Parts: Two masses Two springs Holder Setup: Setup contains two hanging masses from springs. The spring constant/mass(k/m) ratio for  spring+mass systems are same. So that the frequency of oscillations or the time… Continue reading »


Purpose The steelyard balance has been around since ancient times. It works by employing a counterweight and lever to weigh objects. Leverage is adjusted by sliding the counterweight on a metal arm. The balance may be used to demonstrate the principles of torque and center of mass. Parts The steelyard… Continue reading »

Magdeburg Hemispheres

Purpose: Illustrate the concept of Atmospheric pressure. Parts: Two hemispheres Vacuum pump Setup: Setup contains a pair of hemispheres with mating rims. One of them have a tube connection attached to the pump.  Keep the two hemispheres together (keep the two circular cross sections together) and suck the… Continue reading »

Standard 1/2 Meter Stick

The physics department has a genuine standard 1/2 meter stick, kept in a glass case. The meter stick is located in room 202, the lecture demonstration prep room. It is above shelves A and B and pushed back against the wall. This standard meter stick is available for a demonstration,… Continue reading »