centrifugal force

Loop the loop

Purpose This demonstration may be used to illustrate the concepts involved in circular motion. For example, one can perform a calculation to determine the minimum height of release required for the steel ball to make it through the loop. Parts All required parts other than ring stand are found on… Continue reading »

Pail of water

Purpose: Illustrate the idea of centripetal and centrifugal forces and accelerations. Parts: Bucket with water, or glass of water on the base shown in the pictures. Setup: Hold the setup from the hanger and spin it around in a vertical circle with a certain speed. The water stays inside… Continue reading »

Ball in a bowl

Purpose: Explain the force and acceleration in Circular motion Parts: Tray with a circular track made with clay & steel ball. Setup: Let the ball go along the circular path and guess what path will it take at the end 1,2,3  or 4 ?… Continue reading »

Penny on turntable

Purpose: Motion of an object traveling in a circle. Parts: Turntable Penny Setup: Plug the turn table lead to the wall outlet, set a desired speed. Place few pennies with different distances from the center. Turn the table ON with the little black switch. Continue reading »