angular momentum


Purpose To illustrate circular motion concepts such as moment of inertia. Parts The gyroscope is found on shelf D3 Set up Plug gyroscope into outlet, turn on power switch, and use as you please to demonstrate circular motion concepts.  … Continue reading »

Spinning masses and pulley

Purpose To illustrate the concepts of angular momentum and gravity. Parts The system of masses and pulleys is found on shelf D2 Set up Clamp system down on table. Thread attached string through pulley. Attach weight if desired.  … Continue reading »

Tops and related props

Purpose To illustrate angular momentum and related concepts. Parts The assorted tops are found on shelf D3 Includes special top capable of flipping itself around while spinning Set up Spin the tops as desired.  … Continue reading »

Angular momentum conservation demo

Purpose To visually demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum Parts The apparatus is found fully-assembled on shelf D3. Set up No set up required. Simply spin the two-ball system using the textured knob in the center, and then squeeze handles as much as possible. Notice that… Continue reading »

Rotating Platform

Purpose: Conservation of Angular Momentum. Parts: Rotating platform Weights Bicycle wheel Setup: Keep the platform on the floor, let a volunteer stand on it(feet should spread out and align the body so that the center of mass is right over the center of mass of the platform). Continue reading »