Charlie Doret

Assistant Professor of Physics

Bronfman Science Center Rm 063 Mail to: Thompson Physics

413-597-4030 (lab)


B.A. Williams College (2002)
A.M. Harvard University (2006)
Ph.D. Harvard University (2010)


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PHYS 411 T

Classical Mechanics

Scholarship/Creative Work

Research Interests

Atomic systems occupy a beautiful niche in physics. Atoms and molecules are often simple enough to be quite tractable theoretically while offering a rich internal structure and a varied array of interactions that may be probed and controlled by the experimentalist. Understanding these details is of course imperative for learning about the atoms themselves. However, our control over these systems also gives us an opportunity to use them as tools for exploring phenomena in other areas of physics and chemistry, ranging from condensed matter to cosmology. Furthermore, when properly harnessed atoms find a host of technological applications, such as quantum-limited sensing or as reference oscillators for the atomic clocks that underpin the Global Positioning System.

My particular interest is in applying simple systems of trapped atomic to quantum simulation, in which a trapped-ion crystal is used to emulate the behavior of a more complicated quantum system. To do this, we trap calcium ions using DC and RF electric fields generated by a surface-electrode Paul trap, and use lasers to control, manipulate, and read-out the quantum states of the trapped ions.


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Measurement of the Stark shift within the 6P1/2 → 7S1/2 378-nm transition in atomic thal-lium. S. C. Doret, P. D. Friedberg, A. J. Speck, D. S. Richardson, and P. K. Majumder. Phys. Rev. A 66, 052504 (2002).

Current Funding

Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement:
Measuring Quantum Heat Transport with Chains of Trapped Ions (2015-2017)