Recent grads win 2014 NSF Fellowship and Honorable Mentions

Tori Borish '12
Tori Borish ’12
Joel Clemmer '12
Joel Clemmer ’12
Nathan Schine '13
Nathan Schine ’13
Liyang Zhang '12
Liyang Zhang ’12

The National Science Foundation awarded a 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to physics alumna Tori Borish ’12, who is a research student in the laboratory of Anton Zeilinger at the University of Vienna, Austria.  Tori plans to enter the PhD program in physics at Stanford University in fall 2014.

Physics alumni Joel Clemmer ’12, Nathan Schine ’13, and Liyang Zhang ’12 all received honorable mentions. Joel is a graduate student in physics at Johns Hopkins University, Nathan is a graduate student in physics at the University of Chicago, and Liyang is a graduate student in mathematics at Yale University.

Including all majors, a total of 4 recent Williams graduates won NSF fellowships this year and 9 more received honorable mentions. Over the past 20 years 139 Williams graduates have won NSF fellowships, an exceptionally large number for a college our size.

The NSF is a highly competitive national fellowship that covers the cost of three years of graduate study at virtually any university in the United States.