Prof. Doret receives Cottrell Scholar Award and NSF grant (2017)

Professor Charlie Doret has been awarded two grants for his work with trapped calcium ions.

The Research Corporation for Science Advancement selected Doret for a Cottrell Scholar Award.  This three-year, $100,000 award, will be used to address fundamental questions about the quantum-to-classical transition for heat transport using chains of trapped calcium ions (positively charged calcium atoms), and to introduce new problem-solving sessions to the first-year modern physics course.

In addition, the National Science Foundation (NSF) award Doret a three-year continuing grant for Measuring Nanoscale Thermal Transport with Trapped Ions.  This project will simultaneously trap chains of two isotopes of calcium ions, spectroscopically analyze and manipulate their internal and vibrational energy states, and study the distribution of temperature and flow of heat in this novel, nanoscale system.  This work will also inform the next generation of experiments in trapped ion quantum computation and quantum simulation.