New Research from the Physics Faculty: Ronellenfitsch, Giovanetti, Jensen, Jones, Wootters

Assistant Professor Henrik Ronellenfitsch published Discontinuous transition to loop formation in optimal supply networks.” Franz Kaiser, Henrik Ronellenfitsch, Dirk Witthaut. Nature Communications 11, 5796 (2020).


Assistant Professor Graham Giovanetti‘s latest works include:

P. Agnes et al., “Effective field theory interactions for liquid argon target in DarkSide-50 experiment,” Phys. Rev. D 101, 062002 (2020).

S.I. Alvis et al., “Search for neutrinoless double-β decay in Ge-76 with 26 kg yr of exposure from the Majorana Demonstrator,” Phys. Rev. C 100, 025501 (2019).

He also coauthored a report for the U.S. Department of Energy intended to “assess the present status of the high energy physics technology landscape, and to identify strategic technology areas, aligned with the strengths of the US community, that future long-term R&D efforts should focus on.”


Assistant Professor Kate Jensen coauthored “Viscoelastic and poroelastic relaxations of soft solid surfaces.” Q. Xu, L.A. Wilen, K.E. Jensen, R.W. Style, E.R. Dufresne. Physical Review Letters 125, 238002 (2020). PDF


Professor Kevin Jones, in collaboration with senior scientists, students and post-docs at the Joint Quantum Institute housed at the University of Maryland, reported on his exploration of experimental techniques for producing and using quantum states of light:

Meng-Chang Wu, Bonnie L. Schmittberger, Nicholas R. Brewer, Rory W. Speirs, Kevin M. Jones, and Paul D. Lett, “Twin-beam intensity-difference squeezing below 10 Hz,” Optics Express 27(4), 4769-4780 (2019).

Prasoon Gupta, Rory W. Speirs, Kevin M. Jones, and Paul D. Lett, “Effect of imperfect homodyne visibility on multi-spatial-mode two-mode squeezing measurements,” Optics Express 28(1), 652-664 (2020).


Professor Emeritus Bill Wootters coauthored “Transition probabilities and transition rates in discrete phase space.” William F Braasch Jr and William K Wootters. Phys. Rev. A 102, 052204 (2020). arXiv PDF