Eleven Ephs at DAMOP 2015


Eleven Williams physicists attended the 2015 American Physical Society Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Meeting (DAMOP) in Columbus, OH.  DAMOP is one of the largest and most important annual physics conferences.

Pictured left to right:  Ben Augenbraun ’15 (Harvard U.), Justin Brown ’05 (Draper Lab), Paul Hess ’08 (U. Maryland), Collin Bruzewicz ’05 (MIT Lincoln Lab), Prof. Charlie Doret ’02, Priyanka Rupasinghe (postdoc in the Majumder lab), Nathan Schine ’13 (U. Chicago), Ryan Carollo ’05 (U. Connecticut) , Chad Orzel ’93 (professor, Union College), Prof. Tiku Majumder, and Josh Grossman ’96 (professor, St. Mary’s College, MD)