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2021-2022 Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

Unless otherwise noted, all talks take place at 2:35 p.m. in Thompson Physical Laboratory 205.

Sept. 17 Physics and Astronomy Beyond Williams:  Careers and Grad School
Oct. 15 Kevin Forkey and Brough Morris
Title:  “Old and New Offerings from the Cave of Wonders – Some Physics Demonstrations for Your Amusement”
Oct. 22 Will Kirby, Tufts (Join Zoom Meeting)
Title: “Contextuality and quantum weirdness”
Oct. 29 Douglas Onyango, Rivian (Join Zoom Meeting)
Title: “From Physics to Electric Vehicles: Battery Manufacturing for a Sustainable Society”
Nov. 1 Collin Stultz, MIT Phi Beta Kappa seminar
Title: “Modeling Unfolded States of Protein”
2:35-3:50PM, TPL 203

Collin Stultz, MIT Phi Beta Kappa public lecture
Title:  “Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine: What makes a good machine learning model for clinical applications?”
7:30PM, Wege

Nov. 5 Jon Habif, USC
Title:  TBA
Nov. 12 David Reichman, Columbia Univ (Zoom)
Title:  TBA
Dec. 3 Senior Thesis Short Talks
TPL 203, 2:35-4PM
Dec. 10 Senior Thesis Short Talks
TpL 203, 2:35 – 4PM
Dec. 13 Senior Thesis Presentations:  Caroline Tally, Peter Knowlton
Feb. 4 All about Physics and Astronomy Research
Physics and Astronomy Faculty


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