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2019-2020 Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

Unless otherwise noted, all talks take place at 2:30 p.m. in Thompson Physical Laboratory 205.

6  Sept. Field Day
13 Sept. Don Fahey, Joint Quantum Institute
Title: “Squeezing the Spin in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
20 Sept. David Poland, Yale
Title: “Critical Phenomena and the Conformal Bootstrap”
27 Sept. “Physics after Williams:  grad school, jobs”
4 Oct. Neil Sheeley, Naval Research Laboratory
Title: “Understanding the Sun’s magnetic fields”
11 Oct.
18 Oct. Alphonse Sterling, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Title: “Heliophysics”
25 Oct. Manuel Morales, Williams College
Sigma Xi Lecture
Title: “Ecological Mutualism”
4:15PM, Wege Auditorium, Chemistry Blog.
1 Nov. Antoniya Aleksandrova ’11, National Institutes of Health
Title:  “Analyzing Structure and Symmetry of Membrane Proteins”
8 Nov. Amy Steele
Title: “Circumstellar Debris Disks”
15 Nov. John Scofield, Oberlin College
Title:  “Actual Energy Efficiency of LEED Buildings”
 22 Nov. Helen Caines, Yale
Title: “Quark-Gluon Plasmas”
6 Dec. Steven Johnson, MIT
Title:  “Photonic Crystals”
9 Dec. Thesis Progress talks
7 Feb. Geneva Laurita-Plankis, Bates College
Title:  TBA
14 Feb. “Winter Carnival”
21 Feb.
28 Feb.
6 March Terry-Ann Suer, Harvard
Title: “High-Pressure Diamond-Anvil Measurements”
13 March
10 April Kerrin Hensley, Boston University
Title:  TBA
17 April Ju Li, MIT
Title:  Computational Materials Science:  Boosting Energy Capacity in Lithium Batteries”
24 April Carlos Trallero, University of Connecticut
Title:  TBA
1 May
8 May
18 May “Thesis Presentations”


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