Ring Launchers

Purpose: This is a demonstration of electromagnetic induction.

Parts :

Setup :

The small ring launcher accessories set includes a small coil setup with a bulb. Simply plug the launcher to the power outlet and the bulb lights by induction when the coil is placed over the launcher core and hold the launch button as can be seen from the picture.

To propell the ring, place the ring on the launcher core and switch the launcher on, the ring will fly up in the air. Try the same thing with split ring.

Large Ring Launcher does the same thing except it can toss the ring higher than in the small launcher. There is a plastic cylinder which should be slide down till the black line drawn on the solenoid so that we can place the ring roughly in the middle of the coil. Place the metal ring on the plastic cylinder and launch it as shown in pictures. It will fly really high. Try same thing with plastic ring and split ring.