2016-2017 Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

2016-2017 Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

9 Sept.  “Field Day” kick off party
16 Sept. Physics and Astronomy Departments
Title:  “Physics Beyond Williams:  grad school, jobs”
23 Sept. Scott Olesen ’10, MIT
Title: “Discovering hidden ecological relationships between bacteria using modeling and statistics”
30 Sept. Alipasha Vaziri, Rockefeller University
Title: “Direct detection of a single photons by humans”
14 Oct. Ashay Patel, Emily Stump, Jack Scaletta, Maria Prado
Title:  “Off-Campus Summer Research”
28 Oct. Jeff Linsky, University of Colorado
Title:  “UV and X-Ray Emission from exoplanet host stars:  Results of the muscles HST Survey and photochemistry in exoplanet atmospheres”
Time/Place:  noon, TPL 205
4 Nov. Amar Vutha, University of Toronto
Title:  “Time in the tides of gravity”
10 Nov. Sigma Xi Talk (Part I)
Charles Doret, Williams College
Title: “Atoms at Work: Quantum mechanics, qubits, and quool tools for research and technology”
4:15PM, Wege Auditorium
11 Nov. Dave Kaiser, MIT
Title: “Testing Quantum Theory with the Cosmos”
11 Nov. Sigma Xi Talk (Part II)
Charles Doret, Williams College
Title: “Quantum Simulation with Trapped Calcium Ions”
4:15PM, Wege Auditorium
17 Nov. Joseph Silk, University of Oxford
Title:  “Dark Matters”
8PM, Wege Auditorium
18 Nov. Duffy Turner, NYU
Title:  “Distinguishing line-broadening mechanisms in CdSe nanocrystals using two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy
 12 Dec.  Thesis Progress Reports
3 Feb. “All About Research”
Physics and Astronomy Faculty
10 Feb. Jay Pasachoff, Williams
Title:  “The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017”
24 Feb. Abi Singh, University of Delaware
Title:“Reverse engineering cellular processes and making cells
to do fun things”
28 Feb General Science Talk
William Bialek, Princeton University
Title: “More perfect than we imagined: A physicist’s view of life”
7PM, Wege Auditorium
1 March Joint colloquium with physics and computer science
William Bialek, Princeton University
Title: “Physics problems in early embryonic development”
4:30PM, TPL 205
10 March Larry Ruzzo, University of Washington
Title: “Bias in RNA sequencing and what to do about it”
Joint Physics/Computer Science/Astronomy Colloquium
16 March Faculty Lecture Series – Fred Strauch, Physics
“Testing Reality with Quantum Physics”
Wege Auditorium, 4:15PM
7 April Leon Golub, Harvard
Title:  “Sun and Earth”
13 April Jay Pasachoff, Sigma Xi Lecture
Title:  “Solar Eclipses:  This Summer’s and Others”
4:15PM, Wege Auditorium
14 April Darine El Haddad, NIST
Title:  “Planck’s constant, the NIST-4 Watt Balance, and the future of the kilogram”
28 April Lorenza Viola, Dartmouth College
Title:  “Perspective On Quantum Information Science And Quantum
Noise Control”
 5 May Amy Banzaert, Wellesley College
Title:  “Engineering in the Liberal Arts: Education & Research”
15 May Honors Thesis Final Presentations