2014-2015 Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

19 Sept. Physics and Astronomy Faculty
Title: ”All About Graduate School”
 26 Sept. Ice-Cream Social and Kick-Ball with Astronomy and Physics Faculty
 7 Oct. Jeffrey Linsky, Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Physics, University of Colorado
Title: “Solar and stellar ultraviolet and extreme-ultraviolet radiation and effects in exoplanet atmospheres”
 10 Oct. Movie: “Particle Fever,” TPL 203 at 6PM
 17 Oct. Anne Jaskot ’08, Five College Astronomy Dept. Teaching & Research Fellow, Smith College
Title: “Green Peas: High-Redshift Galaxies in a Low-Redshift Universe”
 24 Oct. Masha Kamenetska, Yale University
Title: “Measuring mechanical properties of single molecules”
 31 Oct. Andrew J. Kerman ’93, Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Title: “Flux-charge duality and quantum phase fluctuations in one-dimensional superconductors”
 7 Nov. Steven Kearnes, Stanford University
Title: “Computational Approaches to Drug Discovery and Development”
 14 Nov. Kristin Beck, MIT
Title: “Single Photon Switching in an Optical Transistor”
 21 Nov. Collin Stultz, Harvard-MIT HST (Canceled)
Title: “Using Computer Simulations to Study Proteins Involved in Alzheimer’s Disease”
 8 Jan. Physics and Astronomy Thesis Students
Title: “Mid year thesis progress talks”
 20 Jan. Anne Goodsell, Middlebury College
Title: “Exciting Physics with Excited Atoms: Push and Pull on Rydberg States”
 22 Jan. Brian Gerke ’99, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Title: “A Physicist’s Approach to Energy Efficiency Policy”
 6 Feb. Physics and Astronomy Faculty
Title: ”Quick Introductions to Physics and Astronomy Research Opportunities at Williams”
 13 Feb. Clark Semon
Title: “Rocket Stove”
 18 Feb. Nick Wilding, Georgia State University
Title: “The History of Forging Early Modern Books”
 25 Feb. Dan Lewis, Huntington Library
Title: “The Feathery Tribe: Robert Ridgway and the Modern Study of Birds”
 5 Mar. Ana Maria Rey, JILA
Title: “Building with Crystals of Light and Quantum Matter: From clocks to computers”
 13 Mar. Jared Strait ’07, Cornell University
Title: “Shining Light on Future Electronic Materials”
 10 Apr. Katherine Mesick, JLAB
Title: “The Proton Radius Puzzle”
 17 Apr. Guy Blaylock, UMass Amherst
Title: “Wringing John Bell”
 24 Apr. Marek Demianski, Dept. of Astronomy, Williams College
Sigma Xi Lecture: “The New View of the Universe”
 1 May Crystal Senko, Harvard University
Title: “Simulating Quantum Many-Body Spin Systems with Trapped Ions”
 8 May Nathan Lundblad, Bates College
Title: “Quantum-gas physics in orbit: prospects for microgravity Bose-Einstein condensates aboard NASA’s Cold Atom Laboratory”
 18 May Physics Honors Thesis Students – Williams College
Title: Honors Thesis Talks