2012-2013 Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

14 Sept. Physics and Astronomy Faculty
Title: “All about Graduate School”  Student Common Room, TPL 314
20 Sept. STREB Extreme Action Company
Evening performance at ’62 Center for Theater & Dance
28  Sept. Dr. Nathan Hodas ’04, University of Southern California
Title: “Using Social Network Data to Understand Human Behavior”
Combined Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science Colloquium
12 Oct. Prof. Allen Downey, Olin College
Title:  “Complexity, Computation and Science in the 21st Century”
Combined Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science Colloqium
19 Oct. Dr. Robert Cooper ’06, Princeton University
Title:  “Stay on Target!  The origins of persistence in amoeboid motility.”
26 Oct. Prof. Jeff Bary, Colgate University
Title:  “The Importance of Being Duplicitous:  Why Binarity Matters”
2 Nov. Physics and Astronomy honors thesis students – Williams College
Title:  Honors thesis talks
9-10 Nov. American Physical Society & American Association of Physics Teachers
New England Section Fall Meeting
Please click here for a detailed schedule.
15 Nov. Prof. Jeannie Albrecht – Williams College
Sigma Xi Lecture Part I
Title:  ”Sensor-Driven Energy Management for Small Buildings”
4:15PM, Wege Auditorium
16 Nov. Prof. Jeannie Albrecht – Williams College
Sigma Xi Lecture Part II
Title:  ”Flattening Peak Electricity Demand in Smart Buildings”
4:15PM, Wege Auditorium
30 Nov. Prof. Paul Cadden-Zimansky, Bard College
Pencil + Tape = Topological Computation? — The New Two-Dimensional Universe of Graphene
1 Feb. Physics and Astronomy Faculty
“Quick Introductions to Astronomy and Physics Research Opportunities at Williams”
5 Feb. Prof. Lawrence Krauss, Cosmologist and Best Selling Author, Arizona State U.
Title:  A Universe From Nothing
7PM, Wege Auditorium
6 Feb. Prof. Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State U.
Title: Cosmology as Science?: From Inflation to Eternity
1:30PM, TPL 205
21 Feb. Prof. Bill Wootters, Williams College
Faculty Lecture
Title:  ”Why Does Nature Like the Square Root of Negative One?”
4:15 PM, Wege Auditorium
22 Feb. Prof. Thomas Allison, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University
Title:  “High Brightness Extreme Ultraviolet Frequency Combs via Intracavity High-Order Harmonic Generation
1 Mar. Prof. David Hanneke, Physics Dept, Amherst College
Title:  “A Programmable Quantum Information Processor”
8 Mar. Michael J. Person, MIT
Title: “The MIT-Williams Program of Occultation Studies:  Pluto and Other Objects in the Outer Solar System”
3 Apr. Angel Garcia,RPI
Title: “Molecular Dynamics Simulations of RNA tetra loops”
4PM, TPL 205
5 Apr. Dr. Andrew Speck ’00, Schlumberger-Doll Research Center, Cambridge, MA
Title:  “Downhole Fluid Analysis at Schlumberger:  Current Status and Future Prospects”
12 Apr. Prof. Elizabeth Freeland, Physics Dept, Benedictine University
Title:  “Searching for New Physics:  Neutral B-mixing and Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics”
19 Apr. Dr. Lily Yang, Naval Research Laboratory
Title:  ”Building a Quantum Network from Self-Assembled Quantum Dots and Photonic Crystals”
26 Apr. Dr. Sebastian Will, Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms, Massachuesetts Inst. of Technology
Title:  “Dipolar molecules:  a new player in the world of ultra cold quantum matter”
3 May Natalya Benko, Williams Children’s Center
Title:  ”Science with Grandma”
13 May Physics and Astronomy honors thesis students – Williams College
Title:  Honors Thesis Talks