2009-2010 Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

16 Sept. Prof. Steven Strogatz – Cornell University
Joint colloquium sponsored by the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Dept. of Physics, and the Class of 1960 Scholars Program
Title: “The Mathematics of Collective Synchronization”
18 Sept. Physics and Astronomy faculty
Title: “All about Graduate School”
25 Sept. Prof. Witold Skiba – Yale University (particle theory)
Title: “The uncharted energy range at the Large Hadron Collider”
2 Oct. Prof. Kurt Jacobs – Boston University
Title: “Putting the Quantum into Mechanics” [abstract]
8 Oct. Dr. William Phillips – N.I.S.T. – 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Title: “Almost Absolute Zero: Time and Einstein in the 21st Century”
9 Oct. Student meeting with Dr. William Phillips
23 Oct. Prof. David Hall – Amherst College (BEC experiment)
Title: “Tunable Interatomic Interactions 1-2-3”
5-6 Nov. Sigma Xi Lectures – Michelle Thaller – Goddard Space Flight Center
6 Nov. Chemistry colloquium – Prof. Daniel Aalberts
Title: “Loopy stabilization of RNA loops: how entropy creates order”
6 Nov. Prof. Dan Robb ’93 – Berry College
Title: “Modeling the growth of a hexagonal nanoparticle”
13 Nov. Prof. Dave Mathews – University of Rochester Medical School
Title: “Predicting the 3D Structure and Dynamics of RNA”
4 Dec. Prof. Melissa Eblen-Zayas – Carleton College
Title: “Eu-rich EuO as a laboratory for exploring colossal magnetoresistance”
8 Jan. Thesis Students – Progress Reports – Alexandre Massicotte, Olufolajimi (Jimi) Oke, Joseph Skitka, Christopher Chudzicki, Steven Jackson, Shirish Poudyal, Scott Olesen, Katherine Dupré, Emma Lehman, Marcus Freeman
5 Feb. Physics and Astronomy department research introductions”
26 Feb. Prof. Larry Hunter – Amherst College
Title: “Searching for Preferred Directions in Space and Time”
5 March Joint colloquium: Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy
Bill Jannen ’09 and Prof. Daniel Aalberts
Title: “Introducing Zfold: Somewhere over the RNAbow”
12 March Christopher Holmes ’03 – Harvard University
Title: “Smoke stack to stomach, modeling the global spread of mercury pollution”
9 April Prof. Tiku Majumder – Williams College, Physics Dept.
Title: “Heavy Metal, Cheap Lasers, and Tests of Fundamental Physics”
16 April Prof. Lori Goldner – University of Massachusetts
Title: “Single molecule biophysics in subfemtoliter droplets”
22-23 April Sigma Xi talks – Prof. Joan Edwards, Biology Dept.
30 April Prof. Chad Orzel ’93 – Union College
Title: “Counting Atoms for Astrophysics: Atom Traps, Neutrino Detectors, and Radioactive Background Measurements”
14 May Dr. Leonardo DiCarlo – Yale University
Title: “Harnessing multi-qubit entanglement in superconducting circuits” [abstract]
18 May Honors Thesis Presentations: Marcus Freeman, Emma Lehman, Katherine Dupré, Scott Olesen, Shirish Poudyal, Steven Jackson, Joseph Skitka, Olufolajimi (Jimi) Oke, Alexandre Massicotte