2006-2007 Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

22 Sept. Prof. Kevin Jones – Physics Dept. Chair, Williams College
Title: “Photoassociation: when atoms go bump in the light”
29 Sept. Prof. Christopher Monroe – University of Michigan
Title: “Quantum Computing and Individual Atoms”
13 Oct. Dr. Douglas Martin – Brandeis University
Title: “Structure and function of kinesin: a fluorescent look at a molecular motor” [abstract]
20 Oct. Brian Gerke ’99- University of California, Berkeley
Title: “Nearly Normal Galaxies in a Preposterous Universe” [abstract]
27 Oct. Dr. Elizabeth Juarros – University of Connecticut
Title: “Polar Molecules in the Ultracold Realm” [abstract]
3 Nov. Dr. Ana Jofre – National Institute of Standards and Technology
Title: “HYDROSOMES: Optically trapped femtoliter containers for single molecule studies” [abstract]
10 Nov. Prof. Andrew Skinner ’92 – Skidmore College
Title: “A Chain-Boson Model for the Decoherence of Coupled SQUIDS”
14 Nov. Brant Nelson ’87 – Formerly, Spitzer Space Center, Caltech
Title: “Thermal Dust Reverberation in Active Galactic Nuclei: What is Markarian 335 Doing This Week?”
17 Nov. Prof. Prof. Ioana Niculescu – James Madison University
Title: “Large Bjorken x: Convergence Point for High and Medium Energy Physics” [abstract]
1 Dec. Dr. Noel Goddard – Harvard University
Title: “Why This Genetic Code?”
25 Jan. Thesis Students Progress Reports – 2:00pm-Brian Munroe, 2:20pm – Toby Schneider, 2:40pm – Megan Bruck, 3:00pm – Arjun Sharma, 3:20pm – Break, 3:40pm – Owen Simpson, 4:00pm – Jared Strait, 4:20pm – Daniel Sussman, 4:40pm – Alexei Zaliznyak
2 Feb. David Park, Webster Atwell-Class of 1921 Professor of Physics, Emeritus – Williams College
Title: “Complex-valued Probability?”
2 March Prof. Dayle Smith – Whitman College
Title: “Modeling electron transfer properties of metalloproteins”
9 March Prof. David Weiss – Pennsylvania State University
Title: “How to and why make a one-dimensional gas” [abstract]
15 March (Thursday) Prof. Ward Lopes – Mt. Holyoke College
Title: “The development of order in ultra-thin PS-PMMA diblock copolymer films” [abstract]
6 April Prof. Peter Collings – Swarthmore College
Title: “Chromonic Liquid Crystals: A New form of Soft Matter” [abstract]
13 April Ginel Hill ’00 – Stanford University
Title: “Investigating gecko adhesion with a MEMS 2-axis force sensor”
20 April Heidi Hammel – Planetary Sciences Institute
Title: “Uranus and Neptune: Hot Studies of Ice Giants”
27 April Judy Karpen – Naval Research Lab
Title: “The Sun through new glasses: what’s hot in solar physics” [abstract]
3 May Eugene Matranga – former NASA Engineer
Title: “X-15 and Apollo: the role of engineering in space exploration” – Time: 4:00 pm
14 May Final Thesis talks