2005-2006 Physics & Astronomy Colloquium

23 Sept. Prof. Susan Courtney ’88 – Johns Hopkins University
Title: “Biased Competition in Working Memory and Cognitive Control: Evidence from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
30 Sept. Dr. Fenner Milton ’62 – Director/Army Night Vision Laboratory
Title: “Twenty Lessons Learned from an “alternate” Career in Physics and an Introduction to Cutting Edge Night Vision Technology”
6 Oct. Johnny Huckans – N.I.S.T. – Gaithersburg, MD
Title: “Optical Lattices: A Playground for Ultra-cold Atoms”
Time: 4:00 pm
13 Oct. Dr. Michael Johanning – N.I.S.T. – Gaithersburg, MD
Title: “Atom Molecule Superposition and the all Optical Sodium BEC”
28 Oct. Carlos Vicente – University of Virginia
Title: “The Two Dimensional Electron Gas in Tilted Magnetic Fields: Localization and Delocalization in the Second Landau Level”
4 Nov. Peter Nicholas ’98 – Univ. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Leo Tsai ’98 – Harvard-Smithsonian
Title: “Some Current Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
8 Nov. Dr. Benjamin Lev – California Institute of Technology
Title: Magnetic Microtraps for Cavity QED, BECs, and Atom Optics” – Time: 4:00 pm
18 Nov. David Santiago – Stanford University
Title: “On the Existence of Roton Excitations in Bose Einstein Condensates: Signature of Proximity to a Mott Insulating Phase” [abstract]
2 Dec. Lily Childress – Harvard University
Title: “Quantum Repeaters and the Nitrogen-vacancy Center in Diamond”
6 January Thesis Students – Progress Reports
2:00pm/Syed Akhtar, 2:15pm/Ersen Bilgin, 2:30pm/Utsav KC, 2:45pm/Robert Cooper, 3:00pm/Creston Herold – 3:15pm/Break, 3:30pm/Paul Lindemann, 3:45pm/Joseph Shoer, 4:00pm/David Butts III, 4:15pm/Joseph Gangestad, 4:30pm/Owen Westbrook
Thompson Physical Laboratory, Room 205
3 February Prof. Mihai Stoiciu – Williams College Mathematics Dept.
Title: “Spectral Theory of Random Schrodinger Operators” [abstract]
24 February Daniel Aalberts – Williams College
Title: “Asymmetry and Abundance of RNA Pseudoknots”
Biology Colloquium – 2:30pm- TBL112
1 March James Voelkel
Title: “Myths about Tycho and Kepler’s Work”
Time: 12:00 noon
3 March Prof. M. Cristina Marchetti – Syracuse University
Title: “Hydrodynamics and soft physics: from complex fluids to living cells” [abstract]
10 March Prof. Seth Major – Hamilton College
Title: “Quantum Gravity: Is it Physics? [abstract]
7 April Michael Rust – Harvard University
Title: “Watching Viruses Infect Cells in Real-Time”
14 April Prof. David Cohen – Swarthmore College
Title: “X-ray Emission from Massive Stars” [abstract]
20 & 21 April Sigma Xi Lectures – 4:15pm – Jay Pasachoff, Astronomy Dept.
28 April Colin Mccormick – NIST – Gaithersburg, MD
Title: “Bullseye: Nonlinear Diffraction and Beam Reshaping in Hot Atomic Rubidium Vapor”
5 May Prof. Nima Arkani-Hamed – Harvard University
Title: “Fundamental Physics in 2010”
15 May Physics Dept. & Astronomy Dept. Thesis Students’ Results
1:00pm – Kashif Akhtar; 1:25pm – Joseph Schoer; 1:50pm – Joseph Gangestad; 2:15pm – Owen Westbrook; 2:40pm – David Butts; 3:15pm- BREAK; 3:20-pm – Paul Lindemann; 3:45pm – Ersen Bilgin; 4:10pm – Rob Cooper; 4:35pm – Utsav KC