2003-2004 Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

12 Sept. Prof. Courtney Lannert – Wellesley College
“Monte Carlo Methods Applied to Magnetic Systems”
19 Sept. Nick Zammuto ’99 – North Adams, MA
“Waves, Resonances & Art”
26 Sept. Prof. David Hafemeister – California Polytechnic State University
“Physics and Public Policy”
24 Oct. Prof. David DeMille – Yale University
“Polar Molecules”
31 Oct. Prof. Douglas H. Turner – University of Rochester
“Folding and Targeting RNA”
Joint colloquium with Chemistry Dept.
7 Nov. Dr. John Underkoffler (science advisor to Spielberg’s Minority Report) and Kevin Parent (theme park consultant)
“Entertainment Science”
14 Nov. Prof. Enrique J. “Kiko” Galvez – Colgate University
“Manifestations of Geometric Phase” [abstract]
21 Nov. Prof. Grant Wilson – U-Mass Amherst
“Back-lighting the Pregnant Night with the Cosmic Microwave Background”
4 Dec. Dr. Ralph Uhl
“Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Analytical Spectrometry using Lasers”
5 Dec. Prof. John Percy – University of Toronto
“Pulsating Red Giant Stars”
8 Dec. Prof. William Randall Babbitt – Physics Dept. and Spectrum Lab, Montana State University
“Analog Optical Signal Processing with Spectral-Spatial Holography”
9 Dec. Paul Crittenden ’04 – Thesis Talk – 2:00pm – TPL205
12 Jan. Senior Thesis Presentations – Samuel Arons, Mark Burkhardt, Eric Daub, Jesse Dill and Matthew Hoffman – Brief Break for refreshments in TPL207 – Galen Thorp, David Ticehurst, Sarah Iams and Leon Webster – 3:00 – 5:00pm
15 Jan. Senior Thesis Presentation – Davis Stevenson – 3:15pm
16 Jan. Nadya Mason – Harvard University
“Nanotubes and the Electronics of Small Scale Structures” [abstract]
6 Feb. Prof. James Valles – Brown University
“Manipulating Cells with Static Magnetic Fields” [abstract]
17 Feb. Prof. Brett Fadem – Colby College
“Putting the Squeeze on Nuclear Matter” – 4:15pm [abstract]
19 Feb. Rebecca Christianson – Harvard University
“Crystallization of Two-Component Colloidal Mixtures” – 4:15pm [abstract]
27 Feb. Prof. Heidi Newberg – R.P.I.
“Streams of Stars in the Halo of the Milky Way Galaxy”
4 March Faculty Lecture Series, Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall
“Assembling and Decoding the Genome,” by Daniel Aalberts, associate professor of physics
5 March Prof. Noah Graham – Middlebury College
“Something Will Come of Nothing: An Introduction to the Casimir Energy””
9 March Prof. Wesley J. Wildman – Boston University – PUBLIC LECTURE
“Rationality in Science and Religion: A Pragmatic Approach”
Griffin 6, 4:00pm
Sponsored by the Philosophy, Physics and Religion Departments with a grant from the American Scientific Affiliation
12 March Prof. Zhenya Zastavker – Olin College
“Spiraling Into Gallstone Disease” [abstract]
6 April Dr. Leonidas Pantelidis – Swarthmore College
“Dynamics of the Heisenberg Model”
4:15pm [abstract]
9 April Prof. Joseph Hollweg – University of New Hampshire
“Origin of the Fast Solar Wind: Our current Understanding and How we got Here”
16 April Prof. Phillip Gould – University of Connecticut
“Laser Cooled Atoms: Collisions at 10^-8 eV” [abstract]
20 April Dr. Alan Walton – University of Cambridge/Cavendish Laboratory
“From Babbling Brooks to Sonoluminescence; the Physics of Bubbbles in Liquids”
4:15pm [abstract]
23 April Dr. Leon Golub – Havard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
“The X-ray Corona of the Sun”
30 April Prof. John Doyle – Harvard University
“Trapping Neutral Atoms”
7 May Dr. Peter Foukal – Heliophysics, Inc., Nahant, MA 01908
“The Sun and Climate”
14 May Senior Thesis Talks – 2:30pm Samuel Arons; 2:55pm Eric Daub; 3:20pm Jesse Dill; 3:45pm break; 3:55pm Galen Thorp; 4:20pm Lissa Ong
17 May Senior Thesis Talks – 1:30pm Mark Burkhardt; 1:55pm Leon Webster; 2:20pm Matthew Hoffman; 2:45pm Break; 2:55pm Davis Stevenson; 3:20pm David Ticehurst