2002-2003 Physics & Astronomy Colloquia

13 Sept. Physics Faculty – Williams College
“Getting Acquainted with the Physics Dept.”
20 Sept. Dr. Kees Storm – University of Pennsylvania
“Strain Hardening in Biopolymer Networks”
27 Sept. Dr. Ronald Walsworth – Harvard University
Title: The Story of “Stopped Light”
11 Oct. Dr. Benjamin Schumacher – Kenyon College
“Entropy, Randomness and the Physics of Computation” [abstract] Sponsored by Physics, Astronomy & Computer Science
25 Oct. Dr. Todd Stievater (Williams ’95) – Naval Research Laboratory
“Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Single Quantum Dots: Quantum Computing in Semiconductors”
1 Nov. Dr. Peter Swain – Mcgill University
“Stochastic Gene Expression in Single Cells”
8 Nov. Dr. Alan Palevsky (Williams ’73) – Raytheon Corporation
Title: Satellite Communication
15 Nov. Dr. Lutz Huwel – Wesleyan University
4:00 PM, Thompson Physical Lab 205
Title: TBA
20 Nov. Dr. Seth Shostak – SETI Institute
Public Lecture: 8:00 PM, Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall
Title: TBA
22 Nov. Nathan Hodas ’03 – Williams College
“Why Good Traffic Goes Bad: Simulating Highway Traffic Flow”
7 Jan. Dr. James Williams – N.I.S.T.
“CreatingVortices in a Dilute Bose-Einstein Condensate” – 4:00pm
8 Jan. Dr. David Smith – M.I.T.
“The Hierarchy Problem and Physics Beyond the Standard Model” 4:00pm
10 Jan. Student Thesis Talks
Jeffrey A. Garland, Nathan O. Hodas, Naim Majdalani, Sarah R. Nichols, Naila A. Baloch, Kathleen S. Gibbons, and Christopher D. Holmes – starting at 2:00pm
13 Jan. Dr. Gary Felder – Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
“The Very Early Universe” – 4:00pm
15 Jan. Dr. Sima Setayeshgar – Princeton University
“Twist and Buckle: Spatiotemporal Patterns in the Heart” – 4:00pm
21 Jan. Dr. Vangal N. Muthukumar – Princeton University
“Superconductivity in Doped Mott Insulators” – 4:00pm
28 Jan. Dr. Joshua Winn – Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
“Measuring the Universe with Gravitational Lenses”
21 Feb. Dr. Susan Ginsberg – American Physical Society
“From Lewis and Clark to Nanotechnology: How Science Policy REALLY Works” – 3:00pm [abstract]
28 Feb. Christopher Elkinton ’98 – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“Deep Water Offshore Wind Energy”
4 March Student Thesis Talk – Kristen Shapiro ’03
7 March Dr. James Dunlop – Yale University
“Recreating the Big Bang at RHIC: 10^12 Degrees in the Shade”
13-14 March Sigma Xi Faculty Research Lectures: Prof. Sarah Bolton – Williams College – 4:00pm
11-12 April Joint Meeting of the New England Sections of the American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers
18 April Dr. Robert Hallock – University of Massachusetts
“The Magical World of Two-Dimensional 3He corks on a Shallow 4He Ocean”
25 April Dr. Howard Bond – Space Telescope Science Institute
“Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Light Echo Around V838 Monocerotis: An Astronomical CAT Scan”
30 April Dr. Joris Gerssen – Space Telescope
“A Search for Black Holes in Globular Clusters” – 4:00pm
2 May Kerwyn Casey Huang – M.I.T. – Department of Physics
“E. coli’s Division Decision: Modeling Min-protein Oscillations”
2:35pm – Joint with Biology Department
9 May Dr. George Benedek – M.I.T.
“The Physical Basis of Protein Condensation Diseases: With Application to Cataract and Alzheimer’s Disease”
13 May Dr. Martin Guerrero – University of Illinois
“X-ray Bubbles: from Planetary Nebulae to Superbubbles” – 4:00pm
16 May Dr. Elizabeth Simmons – Dept. of Physics – Boston University
“Why is this Quark Different from all Other Quarks?”
19 May Student Thesis Talks – Jeffrey A. Garland, Nathan O. Hodas, Naim Majdalani, Sarah R. Nichols, Kathleen S. Gibbons, Christopher D. Holmes and Kristen L. Shapiro