Transverse waves

Ripple Tank

Purpose:Demonstrates the basic properties of waves. Parts: Ripple tank system Setup: This easy set up Ripple tank system contains the base with LED, a small water tank, some dippers, and barriers. Fill the tank with water. Place… Continue reading »

Transverse Wave Demonstration

Purpose: Demonstrate transverse waves. Parts:Transverse wave Demonstrator Kit. Kit contains 3 parts A section with long rods A section with short rods A connection piece which has rods of different lengths varying from long to short Setup: Each part consist of set of rods connected to a torsional… Continue reading »

“Metal resonance strips”

  Purpose To illustrate the concept of resonance Parts All required parts are found on shelf K2 Metal strips Vibrator Set up Spread apart the metal strips and attach to vibrator. Perform the steps outlined in the paper instructions accompanying the metal… Continue reading »