Longitudinal Wave Demonstration

Purpose: Illustrate propagation of longitudinal waves. Parts: Longitudinal wave Demonstrator. Setup: Move the thin wire in one side of the setup(see last photo) to make a disturbance and watch the wave propagating through the spring via compression and rarefaction. Continue reading »

Wine glasses

Purpose To illustrate basic concepts of vibrations and sound waves. Parts The wine glasses are found on shelf K1 Setup Pour water into cups, wet rims, and rub fingers against rims to create sound. Continue reading »

Ringing bell in vacuum

Purpose To illustrate some basic properties of sound waves; namely, that they don’t propagate in a vacuum.   Parts Glass vacuum cover with bell assembly(shelf D4 or D1) Vacuum pump base plate (shelf D1) Vacuum pump (between shelves C and D) Power source?  (shelf ?)… Continue reading »