Stirling Motor (incomplete)

Purpose: Illustrate how the working principle of Stirling Motor Parts: Sterling Engine setup Match box Setup: Remove the cap of the little lamp and light it using a match. Let it stay for some time. wheel will start to spin due to hot air. Continue reading »


Purpose: Demonstrate the Electrolysis of diluted Sulfuric Acid. Parts:  Hofmann voltameter setup 16 V Power supply unit w/ leads Pre-mixed water and acid ( in a bottle next to the apparatus). lighter, stick, empty test tube Theory:Electrolysis Setup: Fill the glass tube with the electrolyte(here it… Continue reading »

Fire Piston

Purpose: Illustrates Charles’s law, How the temperature increases with the pressure. Parts: Fire piston Combustible cotton fiber Setup: Pull out the plunger and drop in a small piece of cotton fiber into the tube. Reinsert the plunger gently so that it just enter the mouth of the piston chamber as… Continue reading »

Determine “absolute zero” temperature

Purpose This demo allows the determination of the “absolute zero”  temperature. Parts Pressure ball, found on shelf N2 Boiling water Ice water Dry ice and alcohol Set up Measure pressure inside ball after submerging in boiling water, ice water, and alcohol-submerged dry ice; this will allow… Continue reading »