Angular momentum


Purpose To illustrate various concepts of circular motion Parts The “Gyrowheel” is found on shelf J3 Setup No setup required. Simply turn on the “Gyrowheel” and let go as desired. Note that there are 3 settings to regulate stability; to go up in stability, one needs… Continue reading »

Spinning wheel on string

Purpose To illustrate concepts of circular motion such as angular momentum. Parts The wheel with string attached is found between shelves G and H Setup Spin wheel in position perpendicular to floor. Hang it by the string and notice that it stays upright. (see… Continue reading »

Rotating Platform

Purpose: Conservation of Angular Momentum. Parts: Rotating platform Weights Bicycle wheel Setup: Keep the platform on the floor, let a volunteer stand on it(feet should spread out and align the body so that the center of mass is right over the center of mass of the platform). Continue reading »