RC circuits

  Purpose: Demonstrate the phase difference between the current and the voltage across the capacitor in  a series RC circuit. Parts: Demo oscilloscope Signal Generator Breadboard/few capacitors/Resistor BNC cables Setup:   Schematic(above) and the circuit on the breadboard(below). Continue reading »

Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor

Purpose: Demonstrate the variation of capacitance with distance and the material in between the plates. Parts: Slidable big parallel plate capacitor High Impedance Voltmeter Sheet of glass Piece if rabbit fur LabQuest interface box to Project voltmeter to the big screen… Continue reading »

Charging/Discharging of a Capacitor

  Purpose: Demonstrates the charging of the capacitor when it is connected to the battery(Photo 1), and discharging through the bulb so that the bulb lights up when the switch is open(Photo 2).   Parts: Capacitor & switch Light bulb /connectors… Continue reading »