Purpose:Illustrate phase difference between  current in the solenoid and the induced voltage. Parts: Coil set up w Iron bar Function Generator 10 ohms resistor Demo Oscilloscope Cable Setup: Channel 1 shows the current through the primary coil(voltage across the 10 ohms resistor) and channel… Continue reading »


Purpose To illustrate how “levitation” may be achieved through magnetic fields Parts The device and accessories are found on shelf M3 Setup Plug in and turn on the “Levitron” base. Spin top on top of base; it should levitate. Continue reading »

Faraday’s bulb

Purpose To illustrate Faraday’s law; current induced by putting magnet through coil lights up bulb Parts All found on shelf M2 Faraday’s bulb contraption Magnet Set up Pull magnet through loop and watch bulb light up… Continue reading »

Large Van de Graaff generator

Purpose To illustrate various concepts of electrostatics Parts The generator is found to the east of shelf M Set up Plug  in and turn on generator. Perform electrostatics demonstrations as desired. Continue reading »

Projector electroscope

Parts Electroscope, capable of detecting electrostatic charge when charged object is touched to the black protruding knob. May be placed on projector, allowing many people to view comfortably at once. Found on shelf M1… Continue reading »

“Fun fly stick”

Purpose To illustrate principles of electrostatics Parts The toy is found in its entirety on shelf M1 Set up Batteries required. As per manufacturer’s instructions, turn on the “stick”, allow to accumulate some charge, touch one of the shapes; this will allow you to keep the… Continue reading »

Faraday’s law demo

Purpose To illustrate the principle of induction. Parts The meter/coil contraption is found fully-assembled on shelf M1 If a magnet is needed, some are found on shelf M1 Set up Pull magnet through the various wire loops and note the reading on the meter. Continue reading »

Build a speaker

Purpose  To illustrate Faraday’s law through a hands-on project. Parts Several kits in zip bags are found in a box on shelf L1 Set up Follow the written instructions found in the box to build the speakers. Continue reading »

Dynamo bike

Purpose To illustrate Faraday’s law, as well as to show how mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy Parts Dynamo bike, found in the southeast corner of the demonstrations room Set up No setup required. Simply sit on the bike and pedal, watching attached… Continue reading »