Magnetic Field Lines-2

Purpose: Illustrate magnetic field lines. Parts: Magnetic stick attached to a glass sheet placed on a glass tray. Iron filings. Setup: Drop some iron fillings on the glass sheet and give a little knock on to the sheet. Iron fillings will nicely arrange along the… Continue reading »

Electric Field Lines

Purpose: Demonstrate Electric field lines for different electrodes. Parts: Sealed container with oil and suspended particles Electrostatic generator with cables Electrode plates   Setup: Place an electrode plate in the holder above the tank. Invert the… Continue reading »

RC circuits

  Purpose: Demonstrate the phase difference between the current and the voltage across the capacitor in  a series RC circuit. Parts: Demo oscilloscope Signal Generator Breadboard/few capacitors/Resistor BNC cables Setup:   Schematic(above) and the circuit on the breadboard(below). Continue reading »