Center of Mass

Purpose: Explain center of Mass. Parts: Stand with a pendulum wooden block, with the shape of MA Setup: Just hang the wood plate from different holes and find the center of mass. As can be seen from first two pics the pendulum string goes through Worcester. Continue reading »

Unscrew the bulb(incomplete)

Purpose: Images from curved Mirrors Parts: Large curved mirror Bulb holder setup covered with black fabric Setup: Concave mirror( placed in the back of the black box) projects the image of a light bulb in to an empty light socket. Continue reading »

Eddy currents and Magnetic Damping

Purpose:Describes the magnitude and the direction of the drag, called magnetic damping produced from Eddy currents. Parts: Magnetic damping setup (Including Al saw , Al and Cu rings) Setup: Plug the setup to the wall outlet and set the voltage to its maximum. Then increase the current all the… Continue reading »

Longitudinal Wave Demonstration

Purpose: Illustrate propagation of longitudinal waves. Parts: Longitudinal wave Demonstrator. Setup: Move the thin wire in one side of the setup(see last photo) to make a disturbance and watch the wave propagating through the spring via compression and rarefaction. Continue reading »

Transverse Wave Demonstration

Purpose: Demonstrate transverse waves. Parts:Transverse wave Demonstrator Kit. Kit contains 3 parts A section with long rods A section with short rods A connection piece which has rods of different lengths varying from long to short Setup: Each part consist of set of rods connected to a torsional… Continue reading »

Newton’s cradle

Purpose: Explain momentum conservation and Collisions. Parts: Newton’s Cradle Setup : No setting up required. Pull the ball on one end  aside and allow to swing as a pendulum. It hits the… Continue reading »

Michelson Interferometer(incomplete)

Purpose: Can be used for different purposes. Illustrate the speed of light in air and vacuum, Find the index of refraction in air etc. Parts: Found on shelf O1 Setup: Interferometer  is setup on the optical bench. Connect the power supply to the power outlet. Continue reading »

Longitudinal waves

Purpose To illustrate the concept of longitudinal waves Parts Metal spring, on shelf K2 Vibrator, on shelf K2 Ring stand, between shelves H and I Ring stand clamp and vertical transition, on shelf J1… Continue reading »

“Metal resonance strips”

  Purpose To illustrate the concept of resonance Parts All required parts are found on shelf K2 Metal strips Vibrator Set up Spread apart the metal strips and attach to vibrator. Perform the steps outlined in the paper instructions accompanying the metal… Continue reading »

Wine glasses

Purpose To illustrate basic concepts of vibrations and sound waves. Parts The wine glasses are found on shelf K1 Setup Pour water into cups, wet rims, and rub fingers against rims to create sound. Continue reading »

Spinning wheel on string

Purpose To illustrate concepts of circular motion such as angular momentum. Parts The wheel with string attached is found between shelves G and H Setup Spin wheel in position perpendicular to floor. Hang it by the string and notice that it stays upright. (see… Continue reading »

Soap bubble demo

Purpose: Explain thin film interference. Parts: C.V Boys cup Screen 200 W Lamp w/ power supply Little water Dish soap and the wiper to lay the soap film on the cup Camera and tripod to take a video out computer to display the output… Continue reading »

Shadow projection of circular motion

Purpose: Describe Simple Harmonic motion as projection of circular motion. Parts: Turntable Ball with a metal stand(cylinder) Pendulum Setup: Keep the ball on the metal cylinder and place it on the turntable as shown in the picture.  Adjust the height of the pendulum, so that two balls are in… Continue reading »

Pail of water

Purpose: Illustrate the idea of centripetal and centrifugal forces and accelerations. Parts: Bucket with water, or glass of water on the base shown in the pictures. Setup: Hold the setup from the hanger and spin it around in a vertical circle with a certain speed. The water stays inside… Continue reading »

Falling Drops

Falling drops setup

Introduction The falling drops demonstration is a way for students to observe the motion of an object under a constant acceleration (in this case, from gravity). By timing the flashing of a strobe light to sync with a water pump, fluorescing falling water drops appear to freeze midair. Students can… Continue reading »