Cloud chamber thermo electric

Purpose: Visualize Alpha particles. Parts: Alpha particle chamber(thermo electric) – on the back table in the teaching lab room TPL 215. Isopropyl (rubbing) Alcohol – in the cupboard with the radioactive hazards sign in the teaching lab room TPL 215. Setup: There are two versions of the same setups setting… Continue reading »


Purpose: Illustrate how the resistivity of a wire changes with length and gauge. Parts: Wire set up Demo multi meter Power supply unit Cables Setup: The wire setup contains two wires with same length but different wire gauges.  Connect the power supply through different lengths of each… Continue reading »

Current and Resistance

Purpose:Visualize electric current. Parts: Wooden tray with nails in it Metal hanger to hold the tray Steel balls Setup: Attach one end of the tray to the hanger and place it as shown in picture 3, so that the tray will have some incline with table. Now release… Continue reading »

Cathode Ray Tube

Purpose: Demonstrate the force of a magnetic field on a moving charged particle(Right hand Rule). Parts: Cathode ray tube w/ stand Power supply unit for CRT Cables Setup: Connect the positive and negative leads from the power supply to the tube as shown in the pictures. Increase the… Continue reading »

Center of Mass

Purpose: Explain center of Mass. Parts: Stand with a pendulum wooden block, with the shape of MA Setup: Just hang the wood plate from different holes and find the center of mass. As can be seen from first two pics the pendulum string goes through Worcester. Continue reading »


Purpose:Illustrate phase difference between  current in the solenoid and the induced voltage. Parts: Coil set up w Iron bar Function Generator 10 ohms resistor Demo Oscilloscope Cable Setup: Channel 1 shows the current through the primary coil(voltage across the 10 ohms resistor) and channel… Continue reading »

Dinner Table

Purpose: Illustrate Newton’s First law of motion(Law of inertia). Parts: Dinnerware (Plate, cup, glass and utensils Table cloth (sheet of paper) Setup: Setup the table with dinnerware(should be heavy, paper plates cups won’t work) and the cloth or sheet of paper(picture… Continue reading »

Cloud Chamber

Purpose:Demonstrates Alpha particles. Parts: Cloud chamber Dry Ice Power supply unit with leads Isopropyl (rubbing) Alcohol Setup: Take the chamber out from the base, lay some dry ice chunks on the base and place the chamber on it. Pour some liquid alcohol in to the chamber. Connect the… Continue reading »


Purpose: Demonstrate the Electrolysis of diluted Sulfuric Acid. Parts:  Hofmann voltameter setup 16 V Power supply unit w/ leads Pre-mixed water and acid ( in a bottle next to the apparatus). lighter, stick, empty test tube Theory:Electrolysis Setup: Fill the glass tube with the electrolyte(here it… Continue reading »

Fire Piston

Purpose: Illustrates Charles’s law, How the temperature increases with the pressure. Parts: Fire piston Combustible cotton fiber Setup: Pull out the plunger and drop in a small piece of cotton fiber into the tube. Reinsert the plunger gently so that it just enter the mouth of the piston chamber as… Continue reading »

Ripple Tank

Purpose:Demonstrates the basic properties of waves. Parts: Ripple tank system Setup: This easy set up Ripple tank system contains the base with LED, a small water tank, some dippers, and barriers. Fill the tank with water. Place… Continue reading »


Purpose: Demonstrate the functioning of step up and step down transformers. Parts: Power supply Demo multi-meter for primary coil Demo multi-meter for secondary coil Coils with metal core Cables Setup: Connect the Variac power supply to the wall outlet and primary coil to the power… Continue reading »

Transverse Wave Demonstration

Purpose: Demonstrate transverse waves. Parts:Transverse wave Demonstrator Kit. Kit contains 3 parts A section with long rods A section with short rods A connection piece which has rods of different lengths varying from long to short Setup: Each part consist of set of rods connected to a torsional… Continue reading »

Ring Launchers

Purpose: This is a demonstration of electromagnetic induction. Parts : Small ring launcher with two rings and bulb setup Big launcher with rings (one plastic, two metal: one ring and one split ring) and plastic tube Setup : The small ring launcher accessories set includes a small coil… Continue reading »

Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule-2

Purpose:  This demonstration illustrates Fleming’s Left Hand Rule. Parts: Power supply Unit Cables Horseshoe Magnet Setup: If you pass a current through the wire it moves upward due to the force acting on it according to the Fleming’s left-hand rule. ( Please note that black lead is connected to the positive… Continue reading »

Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule-1

Purpose: Illustrate Fleming’s Left handed Rule. Parts: Magnetic Force Accelerator and metal rods Power supply Unit Banana cables/ crocodile clips Setup:   The metal rod rolls to the left once you apply a voltage to the Magnetic Force Accelerator. Current loop… Continue reading »

Magnetic Field Lines-1

Purpose: Demonstrates the magnetic field lines surrounding different coil configurations. Parts : Power Supply Unit Coil arrangement Small compasses Iron filling Setup: Switch on the power supply, Put some Iron filling on the glass/plastic sheet near the two… Continue reading »

Electric Field Lines

Purpose: Demonstrate Electric field lines for different electrodes. Parts: Sealed container with oil and suspended particles Electrostatic generator with cables Electrode plates   Setup: Place an electrode plate in the holder above the tank. Invert the… Continue reading »

RC circuits

  Purpose: Demonstrate the phase difference between the current and the voltage across the capacitor in  a series RC circuit. Parts: Demo oscilloscope Signal Generator Breadboard/few capacitors/Resistor BNC cables Setup:   Schematic(above) and the circuit on the breadboard(below). Continue reading »

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