Abstract, Workshop C: Mark D. Greenman, Marblehead Science Matters

Digital Media Supporting Physics Teaching and Learning

Leave with a suite of free high quality, content rich and high interest digital media resources to engage and prepare physics students. Bring your laptop.

Participants in this hands-on workshop will learn to utilize digital media from NSF 360, NOVA Spark, WGBH Teacher Domain and PhET to help facilitate science teaching and learning. Participants will explore short focused videos, student interactive activities, archival scientific documents,full-length videos, lesson plans, simulations and more provided by these resources. The presenter has vetted videos, activities, documents simulations and lesson plans that will provide participants with illustrative examples of how to use these engaging and content rich resources for students in pre-college and freshman college courses.

Participants will go through all aspects of using these resources including the use of filters to develop narrow search criterion to support specific topics and levels. Participants will leave having the competency and confidence to implement these resources into their own classroom immediately upon returning home from the conference.