Abstract: Paul Cadden-Zimansky

Pencil + Tape = Topological Quantum Computation?  — The New Two-Dimensional Universe of Graphene

From its isolation in 2004 to the 2010 Nobel Prize, the impressive material properties of graphene have been widely touted: it’s a single atom thick, stronger than steel, a better conductor than copper, and more transparent than glass. But what has intrigued many condensed matter physicists is the unusual charge carriers that can exist in graphene, particularly when it is subjected to high magnetic fields. These “particles” that inhabit graphene’s two-dimensional universe can be relativistic, have fractional charge or multiple spins, and may even obey new types of quantum statistics. This talk will present recent experiments demonstrating some of these properties, and explain why the topological nature of these high-field carriers make them a potential building block for quantum computation.