2020-2021 Physics and Astronomy Colloquia

25 Sept. Physics and Astronomy beyond Williams:  Careers and Grad School
2 Oct. A Modular Quantum Computer with Trapped Ions and Single Photons: Allison Carter ’16, University of Maryland
16 Oct. Atomic Doctors, James Nolan, Williams College
23 Oct. Duane Bailey, Professor of Computer Science/Sigma Xi
The Software-Hardware Dance:  an Evolution
30 Oct. James Whitfield, Dartmouth
Welcome to Quantum:  Moving from Mechanics to Engineers
6 Nov. Ken Brown, Duke
The Fault is in our Qubits
13 Nov. Heather Lewandowski, University of Colorado, Boulder
Watching Chemical Reactions Happen One Molecule at a Time
19 Feb. All about Physics + Astro Research
Physics and Astronomy Faculty
Zoom link: https://williams.zoom.us/j/96476155918
5 Mar.

Ryan Trainor, Franklin & Marshall

Galaxy Formation in Lyman-alpha or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Scattered Light

12 Mar.

Brian Shuve, Harvey Mudd College

Illuminating Hidden Particles at Particle Colliders

19 Mar.

Vivienne Baldassare, Washington State University

Searching for Supermassive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies

2 Apr

Ilse Cleeves, University of Virginia

Understanding Planetary System Formation Through Astrochemistry

9 Apr

John Bollinger, NIST, Time and Frequency Div., Boulder, CO

Quantum simulation with large trapped-ion crystals 

16 Apr

Sigma Xi Talk:  Daniel Aalberts

Shooting the messenger RNA ==>— mRNA vaccine technology

North Science Bldg Auditorium

30 Apr Matteo Bucci, MIT
A Perspective on Boiling Heat Transfer Experimental Research