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2015-2016 Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

Unless otherwise noted, all talks take place at 2:30 p.m. in Thompson Physical Laboratory 205.

 18 Sept. Physics and Astronomy faculty
Title:  “All about Graduate School”
Student Common Room, TPL 104
 25 Sept. Miles Blencowe, Dartmouth College
Title:  “Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime”
 2 Oct. Michael Person, MIT
Title:  “The Atmosphere of Pluto from Occultation Studies”
 9 Oct. Elizabeth Petrik, Harvard
Title: “The Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron”
23 Oct. Dr. Swati Singh, ITAMP, Harvard
Title:  “Coupling single quantum systems to spin baths”
13 Nov. Gordon Jones ’89, Hamilton College
Title:  “Fundamental Physics with Decaying Neutrons”
20 Nov. Duane Lee ’01, Columbia University
Title: “Understanding the Nature of Chemical Abundance Ratio Distributions (CARDs) in Galactic Components and Dwarf Galaxies”

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