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2014-2015 Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Series

Unless otherwise noted, all talks take place at 2:30 p.m. in Thompson Physical Laboratory 205.

19  Sept. Physics and Astronomy Faculty
Title:  ”All About Graduate School”
26  Sept.
3 Oct.
7 Oct. Jeffrey Linsky, Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Physics, University of Colorado
Title:  ”Solar and stellar ultraviolet and extreme-ultraviolet radiation and effects in exoplanet atmospheres”  4PM
24 Oct. Masha Kamenetska, Yale
Title:  ”Measuring mechanical properties of single molecules”
31 Oct. Jamie Kerman, MIT
Title:  ”Flux-charge duality and quantum phase fluctuations in one-dimensional superconductors”
7 Nov. Steven Kearns, Stanford University
Title:  ”Lies, Damned Lies and Drug Discovery”
14 Nov.
21 Nov.
16 Jan.
6 Feb.
20 Feb.
27 Feb.
6 Mar.
13 Mar.
10 Apr.
17 Apr.
24 Apr.
1 May
8 May
15 May

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